We can repair a variety of Apple Products , and focus our skills on board level repair, Apple Mac Book, Mac book Air Repairs

Our technicians can fix water damaged iMacs,MacBook Pro, MacBook Air as well as replace broken screens , issues with power and even resolve software issues.

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Apple Macbook Repairs

The screen of the Apple MacBook is considered to be the most fragile part of a Apple Mac Book Repair, that can be easily tarnished and broken.

Apple iMac Repair

If your display is 'blank' or the fans our in overdrive , then we can offer a variety of repairs to suit you.

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Apple iPad Repair

Apple iPad repairs for your damaged or non-responsive tablet, then it’s probably because of these following reasons:Cracked or Broken LCD panel Power related issues Water or liquid exposures Malfunctioning buttons Software related issue

Apple Macbook , Macbook Air Water Damage

We can fix your Mac if you spill Tea, Coffee , Coca Cola or even Water on it.